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In early 2017, we, a small men's Bible study/community group, began a study on the book titled Counter Culture, by David Platt. While we expected the book to be challenging, even within the first few chapters we were already beginning to feel that God would use that book to call us to action. The second chapter of that book is titled, "Where Rich and Poor Collide: The Gospel and Poverty"; our study in this chapter was the genesis of Malawi H2O. As we were enlightened and came to terms with our "first world", comfortable Christianity, the author challenged us to live simply, help constructively, invest eternally, and give sacrificially--rather than in comfort. The difference there is significant: how many of us have done or do that regularly: give in such a manner that we give up some comfort or luxury in order to help provide basics to brothers and sisters in need?

Early in our discussion about sacrificial giving, one of our members exclaimed, “I want to build a well in Africa!”. The initial response was tempered: "that's cool, that would be neat, etc". But slowly we began to realize that it wasn't just a neat idea, it was God's plan for us and passion for the project grew rapidly. The vision and excitement quickly spread to our wives and close friends. Our first thought was to do this solely as a small group and try to chip in enough money to fund a well ourselves, but this was bigger than us on many fronts. We felt drawn to step even further from our comfort zone, demonstrate our faith and rely on God and work on His timetable. And by the grace of God and the help of others, perhaps we can build even two or three wells!

Why water wells? We have water at the turn of a faucet, yet many, including women and children, must walk for miles just to get a small amount and risk their safety in doing so. Our water is clear and clean, yet for others it's muddied and polluted. We take it for granted, yet clean water is essential for life and many have no reasonable or safe access to it. This effort has the ability to provide sustainable water for years and years to come, so the better question is, why would we not?
Thus, we believe God has called us to start Malawi H2O, a ministry that aims to bring clean physical water and the pure living water of Jesus Christ to the children and people of Malawi.  Malawi is in east Africa and is rated one of the poorest countries in the world. In terms of GDP per capita, it is the poorest in the entire world! Our church, Mission Community Church, began working there years ago with a local non-profit, Somebody Cares, to support the AIDS-ridden villages there and the many widows and orphans left behind. It is from that initial relationship and two church missionaries that we've been able to set up the needed resources and infrastructure to launch Malawi H2O.

It currently takes only $10,000 to bring long-term healthy water to those who need it via a 300 foot deep water well!  We want to be the helping hands of God and you can join us by donating today (tax deductible) via the link below. 97% of our donations (minus only credit card transaction fees) go to the wells and, once operational, the local communities are trained and will maintain them.

We are already WELL on our way to our FIFTH water well, and we have just begun!  We invite you to step out of the boat in faith and see how God uses this and all of us for His glory! Be the difference and donate today and save lives!

Every dollar helps. If you can't give anything today, we are so appreciative of your prayers in making these efforts successful. God bless!

If you can give today, click the button below to make an ongoing commitment or a one-time donation.  Thank you so much!

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