About Malawi H2O

Our Story


We are a small group of people doing our best to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God! Click the image above for more.

Our Mission


We are fundraising to build wells for a water-starved area of Malawi, Africa, in a town called Chikudzulire. Click the image above for more.

Our Partners


We have partnered with Somebody Cares, local missionaries Bill & Janet Sass, and WorldVenture. Click the image above for more.

Every dollar helps. If you can't give anything today, we are so appreciative of your prayers in making these efforts successful. God bless!

If you can give today, click the button below to make an ongoing commitment or a one-time donation.  Thank you so much!

Contact Us

Comments or questions? Please drop us a line:

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