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February 2019

Well #2 Completed and Funding Update!

Well #2 in Mingongo Village and well #3 in Chipwanya Village are complete! This video shows some of the 1,000 residents and students of Mingongo celebrating around well #2! They are singing "water is life!" Thank you donors and praise God!

ALSO: Well #4 has been fully funded and we are already 22% funded for well #5! WOW WOW WOW!!!

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December 2018

New Well Locations

Well #1: Recall that this well was completed in July of 2018! See previous update below for more information!

New! Well #2: Mingongo Village. This community has over 1,000 people and a primary school and is at great risk to cholera, typhoid, and other water borne illnesses. By your generous donations, this well is bringing health and sustenance to the people of Mingongo! See below for some pictures of the community celebrating the new borehole!

New! Well #3: Chipwanya Village. This will be the first borehole in this community. The people of Chipwanya currently walk 1.5 kilometers on average to get water from a shallow well with poor water quality. This new well will change lives! 

October 2018



THANK YOU DONORS! By the grace of God and your generous donations, we have successfully funded wells 2 AND 3!!! We are now working with our partners on the ground to get well sites and dig schedules. Check back soon for more updates! (Update: we have well locations! See above!)

July 2018

Special Announcement


God continues to work through MalawiH2O! Because of your generous contributions, 

WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED WELL #2!!!! Praise God and thank you all!

We're not stopping here! As of the date of this post, we are already 26% funded for well #3! If you haven't already contributed, or are prepared to do so again, please consider making a donation via the link below!

April 2018

Well #1 Construction Has Begun!

God is good! We are so very happy to announce that construction for well #1 has begun in the Senior GVH Maliketi in Mungu Village! Construction began on April 11, 2018 and will take about 2 weeks to complete (Update: Well #1 is complete!). The pictures you see above were taken during the community meetings and celebrations for the well, and of the start of construction.

The well will serve 136 households and 500 children under the age of 12 in this very poor, HIV-prevalent community. This is the first time they are getting clean water in the 50 years since Malawi gained it's independence. Previously, villagers were getting water from a river 3 kilometers from the village - 1 pail a day or 2 for bigger families. 

They are so excited - one granny, named Nasuluma Mbetayasamba, exclaimed that she didn't expect to see clear drinkable water in her lifetime, but that God has been gracious and blessed her with this amazing miracle! The Chief in the village was overwhelmed with joy. At the community meeting they danced and praised God. It was a joyful time for the women and children!

Your generosity is giving this community the opportunity to praise God for the wonderful gift of clean water. Your generosity is saving lives!

Well #1 Location: Mungu Village

August 2017