Meet Bill & Janet Sass


Bill Sass

Bill graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Accountancy.  He worked for 8 years in downtown Chicago as a Cost Accountant, Inventory Control Manager, and an Accounting Manager at a personal care products manufacturer.  He spent the next 11 years in Phoenix working at Honeywell Aerospace with increasing roles as an Accounting Manager.  Bill began volunteering at Mission Community Church in Guest Services in 2005 and later was asked to "tag along" on a 2 week vision trip to Malawi where he and the team decided to partner with Somebody Cares.  Two week trips led to longer trips and here we are today living in Malawi and serving the Lord by supporting Somebody Cares in Finance and Administration. 

Janet Sass

 Janet's background began in the food service industry where she was a restaurant associate and later promoted to management at Bob Evans.  She then spent 5 years in management at Home Depot where she was promoted to Assistant Manager.  After the move to Phoenix, we made a family decision that she would chill out a bit so we could be more heavily involved at a local church - this is where Mission Community Church came into play and she eventually took on various Staff & Executive Assistant positions.  We would not have dreamed it would be nearly 10 years!  A couple years after the vision trip Bill was on, he asked if Janet would lead a trip which was primarily focused on educating teachers in Malawi.  She dug her heels in saying "Bill, this is your ministry" but Bill encouraged her to rethink, and she reluctantly led the trip.  The rest was history - she fell in love with the people of Malawi (especially the children) and because of her flexibility she was given at the church, was able to go for longer periods of time to Malawi.